Location Department

Open trailers sizes range from 8ft x 5ft  to 14ft x 6ft  

12ft (L) x 6ft(W) x 7ft(H) box trailers with combination ramp/barn rear doors with an additional door at the front. They can be powered by a 32A feed and have 4 double sockets ( 13A with USB outlets) to the side of the desk. They are fitted with two heaters and in addition have a clear strip curtain  so that heat is retained even when the rear doors/ramp is open. 

10ft(l) x 5ft(w) x 6ft(h) box trailer with 3 double 13A sockets and lights - requires power from a 16A feed

10ft(l) x 5ft(w) x 6.5ft(h) box with side opening ideal for tea table or catering service in difficult to service locations and inclement weather. They are fitted with 4 double 13A sockets and lights- requires a 32A feed

The 12ft box can also be used as a warm and dry holding area for cast