Our covered trailers range in size from 8ft(l) x 5ft(w) x 6ft(h) to 12ft(l) x 6ft(w) x 7ft(h)

The P8 AW ( 8ft(l) x 5ft(w) x 6ft(h) All Weather trailer) has sides that can be individually rolled up, is fully waterproof and able to be towed with an ATV , pick up or even a tractor or tracked dumper in difficult locations

The 10 ft box (10ft(l) x 5ft(w) x 6.5 ft (h) are  bespoke trailers fitted with lights and 13A power sockets with white interior for Sound & Camera or blacked out interior for Video & DIT

12ft Box trailers (12ft(l) x 6ft(w) x 7ft (h) can accommodate up to 4 magliners and provide a working space with 13A power outlets ( 4 double sockets), heater/aircon and lights

Interior view of 12ft box with white interior ideal for Camera and Sound

Interior of 12ft box with blacked out interior ideal for viewing monitors for Video and DIT