Our covered trailers range in size from 8ft(l) x 5ft(w) x 6ft(h) to 12ft(l) x 6ft(w) x 7ft(h)

The P8 AW ( 8ft(l) x 5ft(w) x 6ft(h) All Weather trailer) has sides that can be individually rolled up, is fully waterproof and able to be towed with an ATV or pick up

The 10 SD box (10ft(l) x 5ft(w) x 7ft (h) with side door and rear ramp) is a bespoke trailer with light and 13A power sockets

The 10W box (10ft(l) x 5ft(w) x 7ft (h)) has winged side flaps and also comes fitted with light and 13A sockets.

The 12ft Box (12ft (l) x 6ft (w) x 7ft (h)) trailers are either internally black, ideal for veiwing monitors, or with a white interior perfect for camera. Both are fitted with lights, heaters and 13A sockets.