The  heavy duty 10ft x 5ft and 8ft x 5ft  trailers are braked and have rear prop stands so it can easily be unhitched and stand alone for loading and unloading.

12ft x 6ft cage (covered or open) and 14ft x 6ft flatbed

The 10ft(l) x 5ft(w) x 6.5ft(h) have a ramp back and opening side flaps or a front access door. They have 13A sockets and internal lights fitted with a small desk area so can be used as a mobile office whilst on location. Box trailers are completely weather proof so sensitive kit can be stored safely.

 12ft(l) x 6ft(w) x 7ft(h) box trailers with  13A sockets, lights and heater. They have both ramp and barn doors to the rear and an access door at the front with a payload of up to 2.5 tonnes